Install Powershell and PowerCLI in Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) – Unsupported Workaround

EDIT: This was an unsupported work around and now 18.04 is officially supported, you can read my post about it here: Install Powershell and PowerCLI in Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver)

Over the last few weeks, due to the increased compatibility and requirements for me to be using a Linux distro, I have decided to make a transition over to Linux (specifically Ubuntu) and one of the requirements for this process was the ability to install Powershell as I frequently use PowerCLI. However, It’s not as simple as an apt-get install cmdlet. I am by no means a developer or coder, but as you might know, I do create some scripts or tools now and again.

So, as part of this trial transition (who knows, might go back to windows – ghast!), I have managed to install Powershell and PowerCLI. This guide is for 18.04 but it uses 17.04 libraries as 18.04 is not official supported, yet. But it does work.

So, lets begin:

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Resetting vSphere 6.0 Password

So, its been quite some time since my last post, dealing with personal issues and the festive season and and and, so, here I am, back in 2017 and hopefully bringing awesome content.

So, lets kick it off with resetting the vSphere password. This works on the vCenter, an external Platform Service controller or an AIO system.

The reason behind me doing this is due to the password expiring and someone resetting it and not recording it in our password management software.


A Live boot ISO – I used this one: ADRIANE-KNOPPIX_V7.2.0gCD-2013-07-28-EN
Console access to the VM you want to reset.


Be sure to have ESXi host access to the host where these VMs reside as the VMs WILL require a reboot, meaning your entire vCenter will be offline for the during of this password reset.

Let’s begin:

I assume you have some basic ESXi / vSphere knowledge so I will not go in to how to do simple things like mount the ISO – I will continue from the boot process.
Boot from the ISO, till you reach

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