Install LibreNMS on CentOS 7 Minimal

It has been a very long time since my last post. This one was inspired by the lack of fully documented installs online, outlining each and every step, with a visual, for those who learn using images.

I have also included the ever-populer oxidized in this guide, as this for me personally, was really tricky to get operational.

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Install Powershell and PowerCLI in Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver)

A little while back I spoke about installing an unsupported version of Powershell in 18.04. Since the release of of Powershell 6.1.0-preview.2, it is now supported. Well, kind of. The release is still in preview, but hey, it natively installs at least.

What I can say about my experiences though is while I thoroughly enjoyed running on Ubuntu, I have decided to go back to windows as my primary OS due to certain incompatibilities, for example, lack of Webex (something we use VERY often at my company), terrible screen scaling as my laptop is attached to a doc with 2 1080p monitors and a 4k laptop monitor. Also, no native, freemium / open source alternative to outlook. I was looking at an all in one compatibility instead of separate apps to do little parts of something Outlook can do all in one, like calendar, contact management etc. I found an app called “MailSpring” which came REALLY close, but just didn’t cut it. Whilst I wouldn’t mind purchasing it, I was not too keen on the $8/m. Yeah, call me cheap, but they really should allow a “Pay Once” model.

So, lets begin:

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