Using Lansweeper to find computers that do not have a specific windows update installed

So, today I was asked “How do I use product “X”” to to pull a report to list all systems that do not have a specific hotfix installed.

I will not be listing product “X” as

  1. It cannot do what was asked
  2. I don’t want to bad mouth the software, as what it’s actual purpose is, it does the job damn well.

So, below is a report (You can implement this via the “Report Builder” in Lansweeper).

This report will ONLY list assets that meet all of the following requirements:

  • The asset is a Windows systems (Server or Desktop)
  • The computer’s state is set to active (if the system is offline, it won’t be included in this report)
  • The computer has successfully been scanned at least once (otherwise, how would it know what’s on there?)
  • The computer DOES NOT have the specified WINDOWS  hotfix/update installed


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