Adding VMKernel ports to multiple hosts using PowerCLI

So, yesterday I was asked to quickly put together a script to add VMkernel ports to Multiple ESXi hosts. I have a script to add VM Port groups to multiple host, and this is easy. But the issue with the VMkernel ports is that they require a unique IP address.

So I put together the following CSV and Script

CSV File which includes the below information. Obviously the fields will be changed to suit your network

The PowerCLI script:

Download the CSV (add_vmkernel.csv) and copy the script from above and place in C:\PowerCLI

Browse to PowerCLI from a powershell window and launch .\add_vmkernel.ps1

You will get prompted for root credentials (or not – depending on what you have commented / uncommented in the script above)

The process will continue as below

Once complete, if you browse to the hosts, you will see the port group has been added


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